Gas Pool Heating

Propane or Natural Gas

Gas Pool Heater

If you require rapid heat up, constant temperature regardless of outside temperature, or you are heating a spa or hot tub, then a gas heater may be right for you.

Propane or natural gas has the highest operating cost, and is the least efficient / cost effective way to heat a pool. Compare Discover quality alternative heating options to be sure that Gas Heating is the right choice for your pool. Pool Heating System Comparison

Compare Systems

There are three basic types of pool heating systems: Solar, Electric Heat Pump, and Gas.  Deciding which system is best for you and your pool is determined by considering the factors below:

  • Water temperature desired
  • Swimming season desired
  • Geographic location / climate
  • Spending plans / project budget
  • The size/shape of the pool,
  • Shading/wind factors
  • Cost of operation