Solar Pool Heater

Vortex Solar Pool Heater

Residential and Commercial

Solar Pool Heaters are the most effective, best value and best environmental choice for heating your pool no matter what climate your pool is in.  Can extend swimming season up to 12 months depending on location* The average temperature rise of a Vortex solar pool heater is 15-20º degrees. Vortex solar pool heaters have no operating costs and create no pollution. Usually last 20+ years and include a 10 year warranty. Quick and easy installation and minimal maintenance required.

Solar Pool Heater on roof

Roof Top Installation

Solar Pool Heater on ground rack

Ground Rack Installation

* Click here to determine the potential swimming season in your area.

A properly sized solar system will effectively raise temperatures well into the 80°F range. In addition to raising the water temperature, your swimming season can be extended in cooler climates by as much as 100 percent, and performs year round in warmer climates. There may be short periods during inclement weather when the pool water becomes cooler; however, a little sunny weather will return the pool back to a comfortable temperature. Solar pool heating systems are best suited for recreational pools, but can be easily designed for commercial and industrial applications.

Fully Installed Systems

Over 35,000 satisfied customers served since 1986! Solar Direct has over 25 years of experience in commercial and residential solar pool heating. Installation services available throughout Florida and on a limited basis in other areas of the U.S.  Contact us for installation information.

Do-It-Yourself Kits

Standard Kit - Comes with required number of panels, plus all the connecting and mounting hardware necessary for panel installation. Ideal for replacing existing systems, or to add your own plumbing and control components to construct a new system.

Deluxe Kit - The Deluxe System Kit comes with all the components included with the Standard Kit, plus a generous supply of additional components and fittings designed to enhance the systems ease of installation, performance, and user-friendliness.

Premium Kit - For maximum control of temperature. Premium kit comes with required number of panels, the connecting and mounting hardware that is included with the Standard Kit, all the time and labor saving additional components that are provided with a Deluxe Kit plus automatic controllers for temperature regulation.

System Sizing

Pool Size
Pick a Solar Panel Kit
Roof Area
12'x24' 3 - 4'x12' .50 12.5'x13.75'
4 - 4'x10' .56 10.5'x18'
5 - 4'x8' .56 8.5'x22.25'
14'x28' 4 - 4'x12' .49 12.5'x18'
5 - 4'x10' .51 10.5'x22.25''
6 - 4'x8' .49 8.5'x26.5'
15'x30' 5 - 4'x12' .53 12.5'x22.25'
6 - 4'x10' .53 10.5'x26.5''
7 - 4'x8' .50 8.5'x30.75'
16'x32' 6 - 4'x12' .56 12.5'x26.5'
7 - 4'x10' .55 10.5'x30.75''
8 - 4'x8' .50 8.5'x34'
18'x36' 7 - 4'x12' .52 12.5'x30.75'
8 - 4'x10' .49 10.5'x34''
10 - 4'x8' .49 8.5'x43.5'
20'x40' 8 - 4'x12' .48 12.5'x34'
10 - 4'x10' .50 10.5'x43.5''
12 - 4'x8' .48 8.5'x52'
9 - 4'x12' .54 12.5'x39.25'
10 - 4'x12' .60 12.5'x43.5'

1Sizing Factor
Systems shown in the QuickSize Chart above will heat your pool up to ten degrees above an un-heated pool during the standard swimming season under normal conditions. If your pool has shading, high winds, the solar panels will face east, west or flat instead of south, or you will not be using a Pool Blanket to retain heat at night, you should consider a larger heater. If any of these conditions exist, or...

To raise the temperature up to 20 degrees above an un-heated pool Plus extend and maximize your swimming season, use the automated sizing calculator to determine the correct size heater. To view the potential swimming season for your area, review the Insolation Chart.

2Roof Area Required
Panels are installed in a horizontal row. The panels can be split to circumvent obstacles on the roof or to turn the corner onto another roof. Order (1) Split Kit & (1) Panel Kit for each split. Panels can also be installed in multiple rows above each other on the same roof. Order (1) Double Row Kit & (1) Panel Kit for each double row. Different size panels can be combined or custom sizes used to accommodate various roof shapes.

Automated Sizing Calculator