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EZHeatWe have the ideal, do-it-yourself solar pool heater designed specifically for above ground pools.  Enjoy Warmer Water & Extended Season.

  • Use the Sun's Energy to Warm the Pool
  • Safe for the Environment
  • Inexpensive, Compact & Easy to Install
  • Four Year Warranty
  • UPS Shippable

Choose from three pre-assembled models with everything you need for a basic installation. Standard 1½" plumbing for easy installation to your pool's filter system. Additional accessories available for roof or rack mounting. Special sizes available on request.

A low-cost solution for above ground and some in-ground pools Are you one of those above ground pool owners who has given up on the idea of heating your pool because of the cost of a gas heater and the monthly gas bill? The first cost of the gas heater could be more than you paid for your pool. So you are accepting uncomfortable cold water, even in mid-summer. Now there is an affordable solution. EZ Heat packaged solar systems. There is an EZ Heat system designed to fit any above ground and the smaller in-ground pools. Now you can enjoy real comfort in your pool, whatever your budget.

Installs AnywhereQuick, do-it yourself installation

You don't even have to hire someone to install it. Just select a sunny spot, unroll EZ Heat, connect a filter hose between EZ Heat and the filter outlet and another between EZ Heat and the pool inlet, using hose clamps. Turn on the filter pump and turn on the control valve. EZ Heat starts heating the pool, and all in less than thirty minutes, with no special skills needed. Put your hand in the water entering the pool. You'll be pleased with its warmth.

Which EZ Heat is right for my pool? EZ Heat is made in three model lines. Two of them have solar collectors in 12, 20 or 25-foot lengths for different size pools.

  1. EZ Heat is the only above-ground system made with a three-port control valve that lets you shut off the solar system when the pool has reached your desired temperature or in cold or rainy weather. That is an important feature. If water runs through the solar system in bad weather it will cool your pool. And without a way to shut off the system when the pool is warm enough, you could find yourself with an oversize hot tub. We make it in three sizes, and one of them is right for your pool.
    EZHeat Basic
  2. EZ Heat Basic is the same as EZ Heat except that it has no control valve. It is the lowest cost heater you can buy, but the only way to shut it off is to turn off the pump. Most people add EZ Heat Basic units to an EZ Heat Unit to get more heat. That can be when they buy a larger pool or if they decide they want the pool to warm up faster after bad weather or give them warmer water in the spring and fall. You can also mount EZ Heat Basic on a roof where the EZ Heat control valve would not be accessible -- You can add a 3-Way Control Valve at your pool pump to control the heater. However, if you plan to put your system on the roof, we suggest you look at our Vortex Pool Heaters.
    EZHeat Deluxe
  3. EZ Heat Deluxe is the Cadillac of above ground pool heaters. It is 25 feet long with a highly efficient parallel flow pattern. It also has a special three-port control valve that lets you add a fully automatic control system at any time.

Pick the EZ Heat System for your Pool
For above ground pools, use the following table:

Shape of Pool






EZ Heat Model

Heater Size

Your Price w/Shipping1

12ft to 15ft

10ftx15ft to 12ftx18ft

EZ Heat 12
EZ Heat Basic 12




18ft to 21ft

12ftx14ft to 15ftx24ft

EZ Heat 20
EZ Heat Basic 20






EZ Heat 25
EZ Heat Basic 25
EZ Heat Deluxe







2 EZ Heat Basic 202
EZ Heat 20 plus
 EZ Heat Basic 202






2 EZ Heat Basic 252
EZ Heat 25 plus
EZ heat Basic 252
EZ Heat Deluxe plus
EZ Heat Deluxe Ext.





2 Includes EZ Heat Basic Coupling Kit


EZ Heat Roof or Rack Hold-Down Glue Kit


EZ Heat Hose Connection Kit for 1-1/2" Hose


Mat Repair Splice Kit / Package of 10


3-way Control Valve


Check Valve


1 Includes Shipping within the Continental US

     Purchase by Phone or Online
You can be swimming in a warm pool as soon as next week !!!

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EZ Heat systems generally add 5 to 10 degrees to your pool and extend the swimming season one or more weeks. For maximum temperature increase and to fully extend the swimming season, consider adding additional EZ Heat modules or look at the Vortex Solar Heater.  If sized properly, a solar heater can raise the temperature up to 20 degrees and fully maximize the swimming season.  For more information on potential swimming seasons see the Insolation Chart.

Shipping within the continental United States is included via UPS. Delivery time varies, allow 3 to 21 days for orders to be shipped, plus transportation time. Prices shown here are discounted for internet purchases only.  You must request the ``internet special" to receive these prices.  Optional Installation not available at internet discounted prices.  Referral incentives will be at 50% of face value for all internet sales; no referral incentives on sales below $1000.00.

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