Maintain 80-85F Pool with Free solar energy. Will Solar work in my area? YES! When the day time air temperature is 60F or more.


Maintain 80-90F Pool 500-600% Efficient. If the day time air temperature is 45F or more, a Heat Pump can warm your pool, rain or shine.


Maintain 80-90F Pool 75-95% Efficient. A good choice when it must be warm during any climate condition.

Pool & spa Accessories

Pool Accessories

Pool Accessories

Swimming pool water purifiers, solar pool covers, cover roolers, pool cleanters, liquid pool covers, and winter or off-season swiming pool covers.

Spa Accessories

Spa Accessories

Floating spa cover, small electric and gas heaters for small aboveground pools or spas, water purifiers.

What our clients are saying...

"We have nothing but praise for your products and for how your company treats its customers."
P. Reed, President - Sullivan Heights Swim Club Westminster Maryland

Read what our happy customers, from climates as north as Minnesota and Massachusetts have to say about merits of solar pool heating, see photos of the solar systems installed, and check out our handy map for your state, to see how much longer you can stay in the swim.

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There are three basic types of pool heating systems; solar, electric and gas. The best system for your pool is determined by numerous factors including your needs, desires, budget, location and climate, and physical layout of the pool and house. Click below to compare systems:

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